We take the privacy of your data seriously and have prepared this policy to explain our data practices.

This Privacy Policy explains how we use information we collect via our technology on council or client websites which are part of our advertising network, for example, when you click on advertisements we have served on councils’ websites. The policy also explains how we protect your privacy.

We occasionally modify our Privacy Policy and will post those changes on this page so that you remain aware of what information we collect and how we use it.

Some background on CAN

CAN is the Council Advertising Network, the trading name for CAN Digital Solutions Limited.

CAN sources socially responsible digital advertising as an exclusive partner to local authorities. We provide councils with technology to display advertisements at various positions on their website and run a Tag Management System to maintain the technology and act as a conduit between councils and CAN’s third party suppliers.

Our objectives are to help councils generate revenue from their web assets and to provide councils with advertising technology and data that helps them achieve their public service objectives.

What information is collected?

We and our ad serving partners place advertisements on websites operated by councils and clients through our network. Other than serving advertisements and preparing Floor Ads,[1] we do not modify or control any content on councils’ or clients’ websites. We do provide councils and clients public interest content they can choose to place on their websites, and it always identified as being provided by the Council Advertising Network.

Most of the data we collect is referred to as “Non-Personal Information”. It is anonymous because it does not contain any personally identifiable data, such as your name, street address or telephone number.

We and our third-party suppliers collect Non-Personal Information about a visitor’s interactions with websites on our network and with the advertising we place on the network. For example, we use cookies (please see Cookies below for more details) to identify a visitor’s interests by gathering web viewing data. We also aggregate Non-Personal web viewing and computer data and combine this with information provided by other entities.

We do, on occasion, collect Personal Information but strictly on a voluntary basis. For example, we use the iBar to survey visitor preferences and allow respondents to include email addresses.

How we use information

We and our third-party suppliers use Non-Personal Information to draw inferences from visitors so that we can provide advertising that is more relevant, interesting and useful. We also use this data to tailor content, giving visitors better suggestions for services and content. We may also use Non Personal data to engage in re-targeting in which we deliver advertisements to you on sites outside our network based on your viewing profile within the network.

We use Personal Information solely for the purpose identified at the time of collection. This is frequently to enter the respondent into a prize draw or allow follow up to answers provided. We do not share Personal Information with third parties.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser’s settings to prevent that. We and our third-party suppliers use cookies on the websites and advertisements in our network exclusively to collect Non Personal Information. For more information about cookies, please visit

How secure is your information?

We are conscious of the importance of your data to you and conscientious about protecting that data from loss, theft or misuse. All Personal Information collected is stored using the same security measures that we use to protect our own proprietary corporate data. Only authorised users are able to access the data we collect and store.

We retain Non Personal Information for up to 12 months to ensure that our services are functioning properly and to evaluate ways to improve our services. We retain data on an aggregate basis indefinitely for purposes of reporting and system analytics.

Opting Out

If for any reason you do not want us to collect your data, you can opt out by following the instructions at If you choose to opt out, you will still see advertising on the internet. However, it does mean that the advertising you see on websites may not be tailored to your likely interests or preferences on the web browser you are currently using.

Further information

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Council Advertising Network is a trading name of Capacitygrid Limited, registered in England and Wales, company number 08706148. Our registered office is 1st Floor, 100 Wood Street, London EC2V 7AN.

Last updated on: 11 May 2016.

[1] A static bar that stretches across the bottom of the screen. In CAN, we refer to our technology as an iBar.