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Local authorities are progressing from a reactive, rationing model of service delivery towards aiming their services where they deliver the highest benefit at the lowest cost. Through digital and social channels, Citizen Reach can find your population – not just those who happen to read a particular newspaper, listen to a certain radio station or travel on a defined bus route – and can target specific demographics, ethnicities, geographies and interests. You don't need to guess if you have reached your citizens. You will know. And you will have in-depth reports to prove exactly how effective your campaign is.​


How do you know if your creative content will appeal to the target audience? With traditional media, it’s very difficult. Once your creative is produced and the channel chosen, you can only sit and wait, hoping for results. Digital changes all that as we constantly optimise your campaign whilst it is running. We test multiple creatives, ad units and channels to determine which works best for a specific target audience, and we then weight the campaign accordingly. That means that councils get the highest performance at the lowest cost, without wastage. No guessing. Just results.​


Your campaign is meant to generate a reaction from your target audience. You want people to sign up for a service, start an application, register their interest. As councils channel shift ever more services to the web, that reaction is increasingly taking place on line. Which is why digital is so powerful. You present your message, and the citizen clicks through directly to your service. There is overwhelming evidence that activation rates are much higher when a user acts immediately. Compared to any other media – print, radio, outdoor or even direct mail – digital guarantees the highest user response.​

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Council Advertising Network

CAN Digital Solutions was launched formally on 1 May 2014 to source socially responsible advertising as the exclusive partner of Local Authorities.



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